Clear-Com Production-Maestro-Pro
Clear-Com Production-Maestro-Pro
Ár/db : 496 000 Ft + ÁFA
Ár összesen:
496 000 Ft + ÁFA
(bruttó ár: 629 920 Ft)

The Production Maestro Pro application provides a centralized routing tool for enabling simple and reliable routing of 4-wire lines and allows operators to control small or large networked intercom systems. It is a multi-user, multi-matrix PC based software package which provides fast, intuitive audio routing control for Eclipse HX Intercom systems. Production Maestro Pro can manage and preset live external lines in and out of a Master Control Room of sports venue control center to groups of remote users’ panels and their keys.

The user interface is designed with simplicity in mind. Key elements can be dragged and dropped with the click of a mouse, making complex configuration an easy ad intuitive process. The Production Maestro Pro’s graphical interface has two primary components: the left hand Port Palette anf the right hand Central Canvas. Conferences can be freely positioned and sized on the Central Canvas and 4-wire ports can be freely arranged on the Port Palette. The Port Palette and Canvas layouts may be saved for later use. The Production Maestro Pro screen includes two theme options, standard white or black.

Production Maestro Pro’s Clear-Vu Audio Metering enables visual audio levels on a PC screen using real-time graphical meters. Clear-Vu provides both activity and level monitoring of feeds with a glance, while reducing the need for multiple monitoring speakers.


  • Real-time production tool
  • Intuitive drag and drop assignment
  • Preset Conferences (set-up conferences in advance and move to live in one action)
  • Key Groups (to assign a conference or 4-wire to a large collection of panels in one action)
  • Multi-point, visual and audible IFB monitoring from multiple platforms (tablets, PCs and intercom panels)
  • Scalable to 200 virtual IFBs per matrix frame and 64 frames per system
  • User Rights and restricted access to menus
  • 4-wire VOX tallies
  • Split canvas screen (improves speed for larger conference systems)

Note: Use of the Clear-Vu Audio Metering requires the installation of the LMC-64 Card in the Eclipse HX matrix system

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