Clear-Com Logic-Maestro (Bundled with EHX)
Clear-Com Logic-Maestro (Bundled with EHX)
Ár/db : 1 Ft + ÁFA
Ár összesen:
1 Ft + ÁFA
(bruttó ár: 1 Ft)

Logic Maestro Programming replaces the current scripted Control Macros in EHX (Eclipse HX Configuration Software) with a simple graphical logic programming tool with EHX, enabling significantly easier design & programming of complex logical function. Logic Maestro makes it easy to add combinational logic between general purpose inputs and crosspoints and general purpose outputs, like relays.


  • The use of EHX entities such as, but not necessarily limited to, Frame and Interface GPI inputs, Frame and Interface GPI Outputs, Panel GPIs, Cross points, Routes and EHX Controls and speed dials, Ports (including the special cases of IFB), and VOX GPIs
  • An Output script that can be used with V7.x maps to control logic between the entities described above
  • Off-line exercise to display what the control logic will do once inserted within the configuration
  • A print out the logic element diagram
  • Allows user annotation
  • Reports errors to text file

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