Clear-Com FIM-S222
Clear-Com FIM-S222
Ár/db : 837 000 Ft + ÁFA
Ár összesen:
837 000 Ft + ÁFA
(bruttó ár: 1 062 990 Ft)

The FIM-S222 is an optical fiber interface for use with the Eclipse HX Digital Matrix systems. Each pair of FIM-S222 fiber interfaces allow one or two digital matrix intercom panels or interface modules to be remotely connected to the matrix card frame via optical fiber.

This transmission capability allows a set of panels to be located remotely from the matrix frame using existing fiber cabling or can be used to temporarily locate panels via fiber in live event production applications. Panels may be connected to the matrix frame at fiber lengths of up to 12 miles (20 km) when used with single mode fiber. The use of fiber for long runs eliminates all types of electromagnetic and RF interference to the signal and provides an intrusion secure link.


  • Remotely locates one or two digital matrix panels or interface models over fiber
  • 24-bit digital DEMUX
  • 48kHz audio sampling rate
  • Sends and receives RS-422 control data
  • Flat frequency response up to 20kHz, S/N >80dB
  • Up to 20km (12 miles) range with fiber using single mode
  • Up to 5km (3 miles) using multi mode fiber
  • Works in demanding environmental conditions
  • RJ-45 connectors for direct connection with matrix panels, frames and interfaces
  • Can be used to extend any line level 4-wire audio signal / RS-422 signal

N.B. the FIM-S222 can be used with the earlier FIM-102D but the audio will require 5dB of gain.

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