Clear-Com EHX Configuration Software
Clear-Com EHX Configuration Software
Ár/db : 393 000 Ft + ÁFA
Ár összesen:
393 000 Ft + ÁFA
(bruttó ár: 499 110 Ft)

Eclipse HX Configuration Software (EHX) provides administrators and operators with an easy and intuitive means to configure an entire Eclipse HX network. Setting up user key panels, mobile apps, integrated wireless beltpacks, etc is simple and fase. Advanced live controls, such as interactive IFB assignment and management, as well as Production Maestro Pro, for real-time flexible and fast audio and conference routing are available. In addition to system configuration and management, EHX offers Logic Maestro for conditional routing and signaling and HCI (Host Control Interface) for thrid-party control, automation and status. EHX is truly the most powerful and resourceful matrix configuration software for professional intercom users.

Additional EHX Features:

  • Automatic setup of initial configuration by hardware discovery and default factory configuration
  • Configuration upload from frames
  • Real-time key assignment routes, IFB and partyline routing
  • Centrally set global and local IFB operations
  • Programmable and real-time V-Series Panel audio routing-mixing
  • DTMF dial tone inward access
  • Activation of relays, routes, and DTMF sequences via controls
  • Global label based key latch disable
  • Configuration of frame and panel relay controls
  • Port I/O audio level control
  • Centrally set local and global ISO routes
  • 8 programmable pages on a V-Series panel
  • 4 configuration maps onboard system configuration card
  • Intelligent linking (analog and digital trunks over 4-wires, E1, T1, Dark Fiber, or MADI)
  • Hardware graphical diagnostics and reporting
  • Event and status logging
  • Logic Maestro for graphical logic control programming (bundled with EHX Configuration Software)
  • FreeSpeakII Integra Digital Wireless beltpack configuration

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